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The Great Reopening


is a grassroots movement which aims to connect with and support small and medium enterprises, churches & sports clubs in reopening safely in the face of anti-scientific, unconstitutional, disproportionate and discriminatory lockdowns.

Our Services

What can you do?

Raising awareness is our number one weapon in the fight against disproportionate restrictions and medical tyranny. Below are some links which direct you to resources to get started. For advice from other campaigners, please join our telegram group. If you have any other suggestions please let us know via the 'contact us' form.



Corporations can lobby with money, we the people can lobby with our votes. 


Placing stickers in high foot traffic areas can be an effective method. Our stickers contain QR codes to link potential activists back to us.


Door to door flyer drops in your area are one of the best ways to grow your local group and meet other like minded people in your area!

Digital campaigns

Various digital campaigns will be launched via our Telegram group. These include social media and emailing.

Here is a map of local businesses not asking for vaccine certs

Credit goes to SAOR Slainte for

gathering the data and building this map

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