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The Great Reopening


The Great Re-opening is a grassroots movement which aims to connect with and support small and medium enterprise in reopening their doors in the face of anti-scientific, unconstitutional and discriminatory lockdowns. Inspired by the Italian movement, #IoApro, where 50'000 bars, restaurants, cafes etc, safely opened their doors in defiance of the disproportionate restrictions placed on the business sector. We hope to replicate it in Ireland and the United Kingdom.


In March 2020, the world stood still. In solidarity we forgave our basic fundamental rights to protect our health systems, elderly and otherwise vulnerable. 

Twelve months down the line, nothing has changed. However we now  have the data which proves beyond doubt that this virus is of little to no risk for the vast majority of society. It also proves that lockdowns have little effect on viral suppression but have far reaching negative consequences.


We are active in the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland, 6 counties of Northern Ireland as well as England, Scotland and Wales.


Our movement is a continuous effort. Every day thousands of people across Ireland and the UK are engaged in various forms of activism with the shared goal of turning the tide on lockdowns.


Politicians lie, data does not. We are allowing our so called leaders destroy the very fabric of society for a virus with a 99.77% survival rate. We are stealing from our children's futures and causing immeasurable damage to the mental health and well being of the nation for no perceivable benefit.

This is clearly no longer about health. With the prospect of a two tier society now on the horizon via the vaccine passports or 'green pass', our fight is more important than ever. We will not stand for medical apartheid. 

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