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Humans of Lockdown #004

Noel is a 54 year old retired computer scientist and sociologist originally from Dublin who has been living in Cork City over twenty years.

“When news of a new coronavirus first broke I laughed it off,” he tells me, “'Here we go again' I said. But then the videos started coming out of Wuhan and I started to take it more seriously. I was so stressed at one point I was vomiting on the street.”

This state of anxiety continued for a period. However after some time to reflect, Noel began to question what was happening across the world.

“A phone call in March 2020 from my dentist sister-in-law in Bolivia telling me about a drug named Ivermectin sowed the first seeds of doubt in my mind. I started looking at the data. By mid-May when the list of common symptoms was published I realised that I had already contracted Covid-19, but that was back on January 22nd when the virus (SarsCov2) wasn't supposed to be in the country yet. That made me take a closer look at the videos from China. It was then that I discovered many of them were fake.”

Noel goes on to say that he soon saw something slightly off with the statistics that were being put out in the media.

“On May 28th I sat down and did the numbers. Going by the R naught value we had been given I realised that everyone on the island of Ireland had more than likely already come in contact with the virus.

“When I started saying this to people they related stories to me of having had the "worst flu of their lives" back in December 2019 and January 2020. At this point I was in total shock.”

Noel's perspective began to change further. He tells me about an encounter with a member of the military.

“In the summer of 2020 I got talking to a soldier (in civvies) while sitting on the Grand Parade in Cork city. He told me that the Irish military had attended the Wuhan Military Games at the end of October 2019 and that when they came back in early November 2019. He said that half of them were sick and four ended up in ICU with 'unknown viral pneumonia'.

“I checked it out. Sure enough the Irish military sent a delegation of 54 to the games. They won a bronze medal for boxing.”

About a month later he got talking to a sergeant in the army and he confirmed what the soldier had told him. Not only that, he showed him photos of the Irish military soccer team in Wuhan.

“At this point I was in total disbelief with what was going on in Ireland,” he continues, “being in a second lockdown.”

Noel goes on to relay his thoughts on some of the alternative medical treatments for Covid-19.

“It was then I heard about Dr. Borody in Sydney, Australia. He invented a Triple Therapy to treat Covid-19 using Ivermectin, zinc and a cheap off-patent antibiotic (doxycycline). He's been using his Triple Therapy since May 2020 with a near 100% success rate and his patients are in and out of his hospital on average in five days.”

He provides me with a link for this information, which I include here:

“At this point I had been watching Dr. Chris Martensen, who runs Peak Prosperity YouTube channel, and Ivor Cummins, known for his podcast The Fat Emperor, on YouTube for several months. I'd seen and heard enough.”

By summer his perspective had changed further, he tells me, and he was more prepared to openly discuss his thoughts on what was happening in Ireland and around the world.

“By July I started to speak out about what appeared to be a Plandemic. As a show of resistance and defiance I spent some time in Spain: Alicante in September, Malaga in October, Alicante again in November and Barcelona in December. I purchased food and drink on all eight flights so that I could take my face mask off. I didn't develop any symptoms of Covid-19.”

It was after this period of travel that Noel began to become more aware of the worldwide project known as The Great Reset

“At this point I had begun to hear about The Great Reset. Initially I thought 'this has to be a conspiracy theory' but when I saw the World Economic Forum website, the virtual Davos conference titled The Great Reset, and the book, which is also by the name of The Great Reset, I began to change my mind. I also came across a book by Pope Francis titled 'Inclusive Capitalism', which neatly dovetailed into the WEF agenda. On discovering all this I was in a permanent state of disbelief.

“As I also keep an eye on international economics and commodities, including including 'weather events' that affect crops et cetera and any issues affecting shipping, I started to join the dots and the picture that emerged wasn't good.”

So, I ask him, where does he see it all going in the future?

“I believe if the people involved get their way we are looking at the collapse of the global economy with a violent and catastrophic destruction of civil society in which many people will die, followed by some kind of of global governance and global digital currency.

“The mRNA vaccines are experimental technologies with Moderna even describing theirs as an 'operating system' that can have apps installed in the future. This is on their website and available to read.”

Does he think people should be more aware of this? And how does he envisage this happening?

“In my opinion the only way to wake people up is to get them to look these things up on their smartphone one by one,” he says. “Take your time with them as it sinks in. I've had many people I know change their perspective after doing this.

“Obviously activism such as public assemblies and displaying placards opposing lockdown are also needed along with a certain level of civil disobedience, such as simply getting out and meeting your friends. This will send a message.”

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